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Since Christmas 2015, we have maintained a running commentary of our time in Bali, with friends and family, via a messaging app.

Whilst it is impossible to extend this connection to everyone who may want to get involved, we can still share the previous posts, thereby allowing you to get up to speed with what's gone on, and give you some insight into how this project has all come about.

Please check out our NEWS page for up-to-date information.



27/12/2015, 13:03:53: Richard Price:
So we went to the orphanage. It's come on leaps and bounds since our last visit in 2008. They've done their homework and you get a tour and get to see the babies, hold them, etc. They get a lot of one off visitors who bring clothes and stuff. So when we handed over our suitcase full, it was taken and put in the corner with lots of other bags. They are busy with visitors at the moment because it's xmas holidays. Felt a bit wrong to be honest, but I suppose they do what they do to get results. We could see the way it was going so I jumped in with our plan and then it changed. The good thing is that they don't want money, they want stuff. So we are taking some of the kids shopping next week to a cash and carry type place to do a grocery shop. They give a list and a minibus (and driver) and we go and choose how much of it we want to buy. £150 is the usual figure. There are 80 kids there. Food is the big thing followed by General maintainence stuff like lightbulbs, paint, etc. There is a toilet block with a series of sinks with broken taps X 6. It looks like it needs a new push or lever tap screwed into the threaded hole. I've found a place that sells taps and Ptfe, so should be a doddle. I'll send pics once I've investigated it thoroughly. It's bound to more complicated than that. Makita must also be on the island somewhere cos I spotted I guy with one at a hotel last week. Claire, Kate and I all felt like this was something we could throw ourselves into as a good distraction so hopefully it will work out. Will keep you posted.

02/01/2016, 10:25:18: Richard Price:
So we went back to the orphanage today to go shopping. 3 lads came with us and the driver. I think their names are Harris, Joseph and Syrup although I may have misheard. The traffic was awful and we spent about 90 mins in the minibus. The aircon wasn't great and Kate wasn't feeling the best either. They took us to a butchers first which worried Claire and Kate because we half expected it to be a slaughter house. Thankfully it was like Macs Meats. All shrink wrapped and frozen. We bought a lump of beef and carried on to the wholesalers. There we picked up more meat and some veg. I also bought some taps for an outdoor wash facility at the orphanage which is knackered, but on closer inspection it's a much bigger job. The sockets are cracked and with there being 8 taps in a line, very much like the washing up section at any camp site in France, there is only 1 isolator for the lot, so either all work or they all don't. All the tiles need to come off and the pipes need replacing. At least they have the new taps ready. The whole bill came to £110. They will all eat well for a couple of days. All 87 of them! We treated the 3 helpers to some crisps and pop which they were extremely grateful for. Lots of smiles, even though one was a Man Utd supporter! You can guess the result they want today. The general opinion here is "Van Gaal" out. "Mourhino" in. Then back to the orphanage to share the spoils.
A lot of the children were out playing in the compound. It's a very nice environment. Very calm and relaxed and the kids are well behaved, keen to interact and communicate, but most importantly happy. Plenty of smiles as they play. We have found it uplifting. We hope to be able to continue to help them, particularly if we are lucky enough to come here to live next year.

03/01/2016, 08:18:19: Richard Price:
I'm going to ask you for money. Claire, Kate and I have decided to take on a small project, to hopefully complete before we leave on Jan 12th.
The orphanage holds 87 children with a current capacity for 100. Having said this, there are only 14 dorm rooms. These rooms are clean and tidy but hold a minimum of 6 kids per room of which the size is similar to Kates bedroom and I would say the average kids bedroom in the UK. They sleep in bunk beds, and the only ventilation is an open window. Recently someone donated a large 30" fan which is now being used in one of the rooms, and has made all the difference for that lucky 6. A good night sleep is impossible here without air con in my opinion and we have struggled this month with ours on full whack! I can't imagine what it would be like without it. That leaves the other 13 rooms very hot and stuffy to say the least. You can see where I'm going with this.
So far we have secured funding for 7 fans. Me x 1, Claire x 1, Katie x 1, Val x 2 (of course), Dave x 1, Rhod & Nat x 1. Piece of cake really. We would love to find another 6 donors and complete the set. Here comes the sting. The fans are £100 each. They are commercial grade and come with the manufacturers guarantee for 2 years. If you would like to donate a fan to this great cause, or know anyone else who might like to help, all you have to do at this point is say yes. Money can be transferred when we return as I will buy them on credit card.
Please believe that if you cannot commit, especially this soon after the expense of Christmas, we understand and will not be offended at all. We also hope that we have not offended you by asking. We know how cheeky this may come across, especially as we have distanced ourselves so much from you this year. But as they say "if you don't ask............"

03/01/2016, 13:02:19: Richard Price:
All I can say is that there I so much more that we can do for this place and others like it. So many kids who are so grateful and happy with their lot no matter how small.


[NOTE: At this time, many, many, close friends and family started to donate small and large amounts. We were overwhelmed by the reponse.]


03/01/2016, 13:28:46: Richard Price:
Thanks and more thanks. Rest assured the target for the fans will be met but if you're ok with it, any extra funds could go in a pot ready for another project. There are so many. Decent washing facilities for a start.

04/01/2016, 14:02:07: Richard Price:
Well today has been eventful to say the least. We went to the suppliers this morning to pay for the fans. All sorted. I will send some pics when delivery is confirmed. We are incredibly thankful proud and humbled to announce that the response has been so overwhelming so far, that the target has been smashed! So much so that we have been able to help with 2 other jobs that desperately need attention. We hope that everyone is happy for the extra money to be put to this use. I would say I don't care if you're happy or not but seeing as I don't actually have your money yet, I'll remain polite. Some of the washing facilities leave a lot to be desired. The boys section (naturally) has a wall of taps that run into a tiled trough. None of the taps are working anymore. One by one they have failed over time. The result is that it is more difficult for them to keep clean as they have to share the girls area at the other end of the compound or not bother at all. The latter being the more common. Not ideal. Anyway I'll attach some pics. So they got a quote and it was favourable, so we gave them the go ahead. A section will be retired and re plumbed. I'd already bought the taps, which was most of the coat, so it was a no brainier really. Brilliant. It won't look like something Nobby would put his name to but it will work properly and keep the boys clean!

04/01/2016, 14:18:09: Richard Price:
Next job is the water pump. As the pics will hopefully show, the ground water here is, like many other countries of this climate, recycled. So you me and even the locals absolutely DO NOT drink it! Foreigners like us would just buy the bottled stuff but a more permanent solution is to put it through a filtration process which results in purified safe drinking water. It is tested regularly and certified by the authorities and away to go. The orphanage has such a system but the pump is knackered. The result currently is that all drinking and cooking water is being bought in bottles at considerable cost. If the pump and purifiers work, then it's completely free. I asked for a quotation for a replacement pump. It was more than favourable, so we gave them the go ahead. Although I'm sure the filter system, recycling of the water and purification process is complicated enough but the fact of the matter Is that the solution to most of the problems faced here is very very simple. Money. And not as much as you might think for the massive difference it makes. When the money raised becomes a real figure, I will detail how it's all been spent if that's ok with everyone?

04/01/2016, 14:30:26: Richard Price:
Projects like this, as I'm sure they are all over the world, are just the tip of the iceberg. Although tiny by comparison to other charity projects, the impact to the quality of life for this incredibly small number of children (87), is MASSIVE! We only wish Jack was here with us, to be a part of it. Because, as it rips my very heart and soul out from me to say it, this has only been made possible by him and him alone. JACK, our never ending love for you will live on in the work we manage to achieve for kids in Bali into the future, until we can be with you again. ❤️.
We are going to visit 3 other orphanages a bit further north this week, to see if we can do anything for them too in the future. They say the further north you travel in Bali, the poorer it gets. We've seen a small amount of YouTube footage from one and I'm afraid to say, it makes the Jodie O'Shea orphanage look like the Ritz. We are a bit anxious about what we might find. We will keep you updated. Thanks again for helping us make a difference to some bloody lovely kids! More pics to follow.

06/01/2016, 09:37:57: Richard Price:
Taps have been fixed! As I mentioned before. Not up to Nobby standards but working properly none the less. At a cost of £40 all in, so no dent on the account either. I had a lovely thankyou email from Alison, the owner. She's thrilled with what we're doing of course. She said she is in negotiation with another donor to completely overhaul the toilet and wash block so this little repair job is enough to keep the kids clean until the deal is done. 11 of the 13 fans have arrived! Pictures to follow. The other 2 are coming from a different warehouse they tell me. I will keep on it and let you all know when they turn up. Thankyou again.

07/01/2016, 01:20:03: Richard Price:
The site is up and running. Thanks to Sid and Lindsay for being the first to make the transfer. And a huge thanks to all of you who have pledged. I look forward to seeing the rest coming through. It's 9.15am here. We'll be visiting the orphanage today to hand over the money for the water pump and hopefully get confirmation that the remaining 2 fans have been delivered. I'll send an update through later.

07/01/2016, 11:29:08: Richard Price:
[Got a] quote for water pump. They have a guy on site to install it.

07/01/2016, 12:52:05: Richard Price:
So we went back to the orphanage today for the last time. Everyone there sends their thanks for our combined efforts. The fans are amazing! So powerful. They do the job perfectly! We took them some toothbrushes and nit combs which were on their wish list. We made a new Bali friend in a local Apotek (chemist). We found nit combs there and asked about toothbrushes. When we explained why we needed so many, the girl who's name is Eka, and showed her the orphanage address, gasped and said it was in her neighbourhood but she had no idea it was there! Anyway, she told us that she could source the toothbrushes at a local market where the locals get the cheap price and the tourists get fleeced. I decided to trust her, gave her some money and today she came with us to deliver them. Brilliant. She was a natural with the kids and wants to volunteer with some friends. Result!
We haven't been to the other orphanages yet but might be able to visit on Saturday. We've been warned they're not good. We'll let you know what we find if we get there.

07/01/2016, 13:15:21: Richard Price:
This orphanage looks after the kids until they are 18. Then they are given help to find work. They will get the loan of a scooter (like the one Kate was riding) and can stay at the orphanage until they have enough money saved for accommodation, their own bike, etc. I've not felt like I can ask too many questions yet about how on earth this is all funded, and the land the property sits on is also leased! But in time I will be using my trusty tooth comb.

07/01/2016, 13:34:09: Richard Price:
Thanks so much! It can't be done without you lot. Team effort.

09/01/2016, 11:43:47: Richard Price:
Hi all. Just a quick update regarding other orphanages. We were due to visit 2 places this afternoon... [however]... we don't want to find ourselves in a position where we are being asked to send money but have no way of monitoring what's being done with it.
We have Been given the name of another orphanage... ...but it is a bit too far away from us to visit this trip. We travel home on Tuesday and will continue to support the Jodie Oshea Orphanage and anything linked with it. Then we will gather Intel on the other places with the hope to spread the net further upon our return. That way, we can keep a close eye on who's doing what. As the information comes in, I will pass it on to all those who want to be involved, either on this feed or via a website that maybe sends update emails. I like this format personally because it feels like everyone is here with us. You can comment and relate which I think gives it a great community feel, rather than sending out an email and then checking a bank account to see if anyone responded. So spread the word... ...the website will have to happen though, so we can put up progress and project pages for new donors and friends to catch up. We're looking forward to receiving news that the new water pump has been fitted and the water is fit to drink again. I'm sure some great 'proof of completion' photos will follow... ...thanks again for your help and support. Lots of love from Richard, Claire and Katie. Love you Jack ❤

17/01/2016, 12:47:58: Richard Price:
Water pump has been fitted.

25/01/2016, 20:36:24: Richard Price:
Hello everyone. Here are some pics of the kids and their new water pump. They have a safe supply of clean drinking water once again. Now they have an unlimited supply 'For Free!' You should all be very proud of what you have made happen. Thanks once again to all those who have donated through Ian, Graham and Sid and to all that have transferred online. You have made a huge difference to these kids, and also to us, as a family, trying to find a new purpose. We will never forget it. ❤. We would be extremely grateful if you could pass the news and details on to anybody else that would help our cause. Hopefully this is just the beginning. I will continue to update you with new projects as they come through. As I mentioned before, if we are lucky enough to relocate to Bali by July 2016, we will concentrate our efforts on expanding our work to other kids on the island that need a leg up... ...lots of love from Richard, Claire and Katie. X